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Although we are all now connected with computers, phones, tablets, game players and soon eye glasses there is on inescapable fact: we can only be in one location physically at any one time. You can watch events live as they unfold or attend them but when there are two events you have to pick one to attend. You can just sit at one basketball game, one soccer game, one swim meet…

What do you do when you cannot make it to the game? What happens when:

  • work requires that you fly out of town the day before that semi-final soccer game?
  • both (or all of your kids) make the play-offs and the games are in two cities at the same time?
  • the two events are really special and waiting for the outcome of one will not wait?
  • you move and your granddaughter or nephew is playing in game 2,000 miles away?
  • you really want to know what is happening that high school game across and you cannot attend?

These are some of the dilemmas we faced.

There I was coming home from a long out of town trip. My daughter was playing for her high school soccer team. I was delayed and could not make it. I wanted to know what the score was and my in laws were sending me texts and emails asking for updates. The score was posted anywhere. I tried to call my wife to get updates but she could not hear the phone and was too busy cheering on our daughter. My in laws were frantic and wanted to know what the score was. What to do? Why not create a simple app that allows a user to “sign up” for updates and/or update the events? Theteamscore was born!!

Too much work, too many events, too many kids and just ONE of me but I still wanted to know – NOW.

The NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball have it – why not the local soccer team or lacrosse team.

So we created this simple little application to allow anyone to find their game or add it if it was not there. Once it was a favorite, email alerts would go out when the score was updated – almost like you were there.

A chance to let dad, mom, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, a old neighbor keep up on what someone was doing. This is for all of the 5-18 year olds that are playing sports every day in America without the newspaper or ESPN hanging on their every move.

Now you can sign up and get the score. Now you can sign up and send out the score, keeping everyone updated. Now you still have only one place you can physically be at but you can feel like you are almost there…

Try it. Let us know how we can improve if you have any ideas. Let everyone who cares about little (or big) Jimmy or Nancy that they can get the scores just like being there!!!!!!!!!