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What is “The Team Score” App all about?

Teamscore is your way to get information about any game anywhere. It's simple:
  • Login and see if your game is on the system.
  • Add it to your favorites and you will be notified as the action unfolds.
  • If you are at the game - become the scorekeeper and update scores which are sent out.
  • IT’S A SCORE KEEPING APP, for your family and friends, maintained either by you or your dear ones.

Why should I Login?

Most of us use multiple phones these days or change our phones often. So, saving your favorite games on phone can be a disaster and not so user friendly. We use your login to keep track of your favorite games and the friends you want your emails to go to. To avoid cumbersome registration and to prevent security lapses, we have kept our registration precise, simple and user friendly.

My Favorites is empty?

There is a search option provided at the bottom of the page. Please click on that option and you will be taken to a search page. When you see a game of your choice, you can view the game and add it to your favorites.

Don’t see the Game on your App?

I would suggest you to refine your search. You can search for a given date using the calendar or you can enter one or a combination of name of game, team name or venue. It is also possible that no one has taken the ownership of managing the game. In this case, you can add the Game and maintain it on behalf of your friends and family.

Don’t see my team name while adding a Game?

While adding a game, you have the option of selecting the two teams. On the page where you search for your team, there is an option at the bottom of the page to add a new Team.

It Mandatory to upload the Team Logo image?

No, but is a nice to have. You can either upload it during the team creation process or you can update it at a later stage.

Have too many games and teams to add. Is there an easy way to get them all added?

Yes. Please send us your game/team schedule via email to TheTeamScore

Get messages like “Score not Available” or “No players added”. What does it mean?

It means that the admin of the game has not updated the scores/results or the Players of the game. Please check with the admin of the game. If you are the admin of the game, please use the “Update Score” option provided at the bottom of the page. For Individual Type of games, we expect the player information to be added along with the Rank.

How does SMS or Email work?

We allow you to select multiple phone numbers/email ids from your contact list and add it to a list that we maintain. If you plan to resend scores or change your phone, for ease of use, the contacts you previously selected will be re-displayed.

Who gets charged for sending the SMS?

At this point, you will be charged by your phone carrier based on your SMS plan. A project is underway to try and provide this facility free of cost. Your support is absolutely important and a great value to make this happen faster.

See a blank page when I select SMS or Email?

This means that you have not selected any friends yet. There is an option available at the bottom of the page called “Add Friends” to add your friends. Use this option to select phone numbers or email addresses. Please note that we maintain two lists, one for SMS and the other for Emails. Adding a friend for SMS is not the same as adding a friend for EMAIL.

Am unable to find my Friends on the “Add Friends” list?

Step-1: Please check on your phone contacts, if you have your friend’s mobile number and email id entered. Please note that for SMS, a mobile number is a must and for Email, email id is a must on the phone contacts. Step-2: Please check if you the friend’s name entered on the Search is the same as on your Phone Contacts. We often notice that the names entered into the search criteria is different on phone contacts. In some cases, contacts uploaded from devices like BlackBerry have special characters in names. One suggestion: Please logoff from “The Team Score”, try editing the name on your phone contacts and log back in. If both the above steps are not the issue, please contact us (we suggest you to use the contact us provided in the App).

My friend’s name disappeared from the list. Why?

Please check if your friends name continues to exist on your phone contacts. Removing the name from the phone contacts or changing the name can cause this issue.